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Frequently Asked Questions on Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation or harbouring of persons for the purpose of exploitation (typically in the sex industry or for forced labour). Traffickers use various methods to maintain control over their victims, including force, sexual assault, threats of violence and physical or emotional abuse. Human trafficking may occur across or within borders, may involve extensive organized crime networks, and is clearly a violation of the basic human rights of its victims. The relationship between the trafficker and the victim is continuous and extends beyond the border crossing. Victims may be forced into labour, prostitution or some other form of . Victims may suffer abuse from their traffickers and may face severe consequences if they attempt to escape.

A distinction between international and domestic human trafficking is made by the RCMP for law enforcement purposes in order to determine the application of the appropriate piece of legislation as well as determine the jurisdictions based on law enforcement mandates. The RCMP defines these two concepts as follows:

Domestic Human Trafficking refers to any victim of human trafficking who is trafficked within Canada (regardless of the victim’s status).

International Human Trafficking refers to any victim of human trafficking who, in the process of being trafficked, crossed an international border (regardless of the victim’s status).

Human smuggling is a form of illegal cheap jerseys migration involving the organized transport of a person across an international border, usually in exchange for a sum of money and sometimes in dangerous conditions. When the final destination is reached the business relationship ends, and the smuggler and the individual part company. In some cases, a person who has agreed to be smuggled into a country becomes a trafficking victim at the hands of the smuggler.

Vulnerable populations at risk of becoming trafficked include migrant workers, new immigrants, youth, Aboriginal women and girls, those who are socially or economically disadvantaged, or those who may have been lured to urban centres or have gone of their own free will with the hopes of bettering their lives. Convictions for human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation demonstrate that Canadian girls and women are often victims.

Canada has been identified as a transit and destination country for human smuggling. The extent of human trafficking is difficult to assess due wholesale nhl jerseys china to the clandestine nature of these offences, the reluctance of victims/witnesses to come forward to law enforcement and the difficulty in distinguishing between human trafficking victims and illegal wholesale jerseys migrants. Canada is also a country where domestic trafficking for sexual exploitation prevails.

The involvement of transnational organized crime groups in human trafficking is part of a growing global trend. Human trafficking cheap nfl jerseys generates huge profits for criminal organizations, which often have operations extending from the source to the destination countries. These transnational crime networks also utilize smaller, decentralized criminal groups that may specialize in recruiting, transporting or harbouring victims. Human trafficking is also known to be perpetrated by small family criminal groups who control the entire operation. Individuals working independently also traffic persons for profit/personal gain.Articles Connexes:

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