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Crime Homicide Eric Garner John KassChicago Tribunejskass > John_KassHats off to cheap nfl jerseys Columbian women playing heck of a game. This one presupposes that many think black lives don’t matter and conveniently sidesteps the epidemic slaughter of black on black crime.

Slogans like “Black Lives Matter” are highly effective yet intellectually dishonest. This one presupposes that many think black lives don’t matter and conveniently sidesteps the epidemic slaughter of black on black crime. shouldn be so zealous cheap jerseys in protecting its cut of the action.

Did New York kill black market cigarette dealer Eric Garner over lost cigarette tax revenue?His was a senseless killing, of course. Garner shouldn’t have died. He shouldn’t have resisted arrest. And he shouldn’t have been choked by New York police, who inhumanely ignored his pleas for help and used a procedure that violated department rules.

But it seems to me that Garner’s death is being absorbed by the usual litany of race and politics, diluted and obscured, so we have difficulty seeing another explanation for what happened here.

While there are many responses to his death some predictably childish, others predictably theatrical and political I hope we’re not so numbed that we can’t wholesale jerseys china see the thing for what it is:

Judge releases limited details about NYC chokehold grand jury Tribune wire reports

The New York grand jury that decided not to charge a white police officer in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man heard testimony from 50 witnesses and considered 60 exhibits including four videos, a state judge said on Thursday.

The New York grand jury that decided not to charge a white police officer in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man heard testimony from 50 witnesses and considered 60 exhibits including four videos, a state judge said on Thursday. ( Tribune wire reports )

Garner died because he dared interfere with government reach and government muscle that didn’t want to lose tax revenue to independent operators.

That’s what Garner was doing, denying government its taxes by selling black market cigarettes a few at a time. And New York officials put out the word to stop it. And it was stopped. And Garner died.

You’ve probably seen the video. Most homicides are senseless, but this one particularly so, and if you don’t think so, then I can’t help you.

Naturally, the response has been predictable, scripted, the way reality TV is scripted. Many are raising their hands in protest and shouting, “I can’t breathe,” which is what Garner told New York police before he was choked and died.

EditorialsMichael Brown, Eric Garner: Why killings by police cause public suspicionsSee all related8 A dying man’s last words become a hashtag. The political Left accepts it, so much of the media accepts it without question, and “I can’t breathe” becomes an organizing tool.

The odd thing, of course, is that Garner sold black market cigarettes for a living. And cigarette smokers often say, “I can’t breathe” as they die of lung cancer.

Another way to address Garner’s death is to deem this a racial killing. And you won’t be mocked either, since this too has been widely accepted.

Garner, the 350 pound father of six, was a black man. Daniel Pantaleo, the New York City police officer accused of improperly applying the chokehold, is white.

And the other day after investigating the case for months a Staten Island grand jury could not find probable cause to indict Officer Pantaleo. This follows the decision by a grand jury in Missouri not to indict a Ferguson police officer for the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

So another slogan arises: “Black Lives Matter,” a slogan that is at once highly effective yet intellectually dishonest as most slogans are, because it presupposes that many think black lives don’t matter and conveniently sidesteps the epidemic slaughter of black on black crime.

But if it fits your politics to make a death mask of Mr. Garner and shout down racism and police brutality, be my guest. It’s all been accepted and will not cause you grief on social media, and you will not be ridiculed by pundits.

And while there may be elements of race and police hostility in this, there is an inconvenient truth:

Garner died because he cut in on the government’s action.

He made a living of sorts selling black market cigarettes called “loosies.” And the city didn’t get its tax money from those sales.

One cigarette, usually a brand name menthol like Newport, generally goes for 75 cents in Staten Island, where Garner plied his trade.

In Chicago, loosies are sold for 50 cents each, or two for $1. The Tribune reported in November 2013 that Chicago police had arrested 781 people for selling loosies so far that year and issued 490 citations at $1,000 each.Articles Connexes:

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