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Fewer Bankers in Hong Kong Get Them Now

Long the golden privilege of the Hong Kong based finance and banking crowd in Asia, the days of guaranteed housing allowances fat enough to rent a 4,000 square foot harbor view home on the Peak or a townhouse in exclusive Repulse Bay for HK$300,000 ($38,650) a month are gone. That perk is being slashed or eliminated, forcing expatriate finance types to give up marble Jacuzzis,
Jordan 6 For Cheap, private gardens and killer views in exchange for something humbler. And it’s putting a damper on the luxury rental market.

"We are seeing more downsizing," said Maureen Mills, managing director of Executive Homes Hong Kong Ltd., a boutique real estate agency that works with law firms. "Partners used to have company leases and were happy to spend HK$150,000. Now with cash packages they are more comfortable at HK$80,000 to HK$100,000."

In the first quarter of this year, only 7 percent of Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.’s expat real estate clients in Hong Kong were given monthly rental budgets of more than HK$100,
Cheap Nike Jordan 1,000, down from 31 percent in 2012. Now, 54 percent of clients make do with less than HK$30,000 a monthenough for about two small bedrooms squished into 550 square feet in Central districtcompared with 11 percent four years ago.

The number of finance clients with corporate packages moving to Hong Kong through JLL has halved,
Cheap Air Jordan 1, said Stella Abraham, head of the firm’s Hong Kong residential leasing and relocation services for companies including Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase Co.

The downsizing trend is occurring against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s biggest property correction since the severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, epidemic of 2003. After climbing 370 percent until their September peak, housing prices have since fallen about 14 percent. Analysts are predicting further declines of as much as 25 percent this year, which in turn will affect rents as leases come up for renewal.

Five years ago, when expat housing allowances were paid on a "use it or lose it" basis, agents had plenty of clients willing to spend as much as HK$300,000 a month. Now company paid leases are out, and while salaries are adjusted to partially offset the missing housing allowances, employees no longer have an incentive to spend a king’s ransom on rent. Now they are more likely to content themselves with a two bedroom, 1,320 square foot apartment at the Hong Kong Parkview at HK$88,000 a month.

Humbling Times"It’s humbling times," said Joanne Lee, associate director of research and advisory for Hong Kong at property agency Colliers International Group Inc.

Not as humbling as losing your job. Cuts by international banking and finance firms have also reduced the pool of people willing to pay six figure monthly rents. Since the beginning of the year, Barclays Plc has eliminated hundreds of positions in Hong Kong, while dozens have been let go at Bank of America Corp. and BNP Paribas SA.

Even on reduced budgets, expats still enjoy a lifestyle beyond the wildest imagination for the rest of Hong Kong,
Cheap Nike Air Jordan, where the average monthly household income is about HK$24,800,
Jordan 12 Retro Shoes, about 46 percent of people live in public housing, and the city ranks as the most unaffordable housing market in the world, according to the annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey.

"There has been an effect," said Irene Lee, chairman of Hysan Development Co., which leases out flats at the luxury Midlevels development Bamboo Grove, where rents start at HK$35,000 for a one bedroom apartment. "There is a decline in the number of expats and in their packages."Hong Kong Parkview. A few years ago, landlord Nan Fung Development had no trouble finding expats willing to shell out HK$280,000 a month for a 3,787 square foot duplex. Today, however, property agents say they’re lucky to even get interest, let alone find tenants. It’s the same at Cheuk Nang Lookout, whose 3,362 square feet on the Peak’s Severn Road come with a monthly asking price of HK$320,000. It boasts a marble Jacuzzi, three terraces and a garden. It’s been vacant for two years.

"People cannot afford to pay so much anymore," said Walker Lam, director of the Hong Kong market at Landscope Christie’s International Real Estate.

After more than a decade of steady rental increases, luxury landlords are now looking at reductions of as much as 30 percent for properties at the very top of the market, Lam said. Some developers are also quietly providing other inducements, such as a month free.

Rents in the mass housing market are falling, too. They declined 7.9 percent in the year ending February, according to data for 100 properties compiled by Centaline Property Agency Ltd.

It’s increasingly common for companies to replace expat packages with quasi local ones that include a subsidy for housing. These "permanent transfer" relocations for a middle manager position might include HK$30,000 for a single person and HK$70,
Jordan 13 Shoes For Cheap,000 for a family, said Lee Quane, regional director at human resources consultancy ECA International Ltd.

To be sure, some top non banking international executives still arrive in Hong Kong on full expat packages with housing allowances as high as HK$300,000, paid tuition for their kids’ schools, and guaranteed repatriation after two or three years. Those include international fashion houses and global multinational corporations.

"You do see downsizing, but houses on the Peak still have people," said Harry O’Neill, partner in the chief executive officer and board practice at recruitment firm Heidrick Struggles International Inc. "They just aren’t bankers."

(An earlier version of this story contained incorrect graphic text on expatriate housing packages.)

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How to Start a Daycare Business

There a definite need for day care centers as more and more mothers of pre school age children are forced to find jobs outside the home. This is due in part to the current economy, and unfortunately,
wholesale ray ban sunglasses, to the high divorce rate, which means mothers who might ordinarily stay at home and care for their own children must seek income to help make ends meet.

The Demand for Daycare Centers

Many experts expect the demand to increase through the turn of the century, and the popularity of this type of business to continue growing from there. They base their forecasts on the fact that more and more young parents have happy memories of the time they spent in day care centers,
wholesale cheap ray bans, and the learning experiences they enjoyed. And again, there is the continuing need or desire of young mothers to work outside the home.

RELATED: What Do You Need to Open a Daycare Business?

Profitable day care centers are much more than glorified baby sitting services. Social researchers have found that the most important years in a child development are those from one to six. Thus, the exposure to the world in which he lives, the instruction he receives, and the habits he forms during those years, definitely affect his ability to learn and properly adjust as he progresses on through his years of formal education.

For mothers of today usually better educated than their mothers are more aware of these factors and wanting the best for their children, are demanding the structured pre school education and learning stimulation offered by modern day care centers. This is an honest desire of the mothers of pre school age children even those who aren forced to work outside the home.

Another thing in your favor: Even though there seems to be a trend for many large companies to finance and operate day care centers for their employees in or close by their factories or office buildings, studies show that most working parents prefer to leave their children closer to home than where they work. Thus, privately operated day care centers in residential neighborhood areas should not be worried too much about competition from the few company operated day care centers.

The first step toward start up of a profitable day care center is to understand what makes them profitable,
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There are a lot of day care centers operating with full enrollments of 35 to 65 children, but just barely breaking even. This is generally the result of regulations imposed by the state government, causing exorbitant overhead costs of operation. Basically, you need facilities to handle 150 to 200 children in order to realize annual profits in the taxes bracket of $100,
ray ban sunglasses replica,000.

Check with your state and local government regulatory agencies. Many states require day care centers to provide a minimum area per child, both inside and outside the building, plus at least one hot meal per day. A licensed teacher for every 15 to 20 children, and even a licensed nurse on the premises may be required. Be sure to know the regulations in your area,
fake ray ban sunglasses, and then design your business plan to meet these regulations.

Actually, you can begin by operating a baby sitting service, by learning and expanding from your profits, and of course, through the long term benefits of establishing a quality image. In fact, we recommend that you do start small with a baby sitting service and build upon your progressive successes. Unless, of course, you have half a million dollars to invest.

Once you beyond the baby sitting stage, out of your home and backyard,
cheap ray ban sunglasses, beginning to build a real day care facility, you might try locating in your church or one of your area civic club facilities. Also, you should check out the possibilities of renting or buying a vacant house. A large ranch style home with a large backyard would probably suit your needs at this stage. But be sure you have zoning approval from your city council before signing a rent lease and finalizing your plans.

How to Enjoy Sports After High School

Consider intramurals,
Cheap Air Jordan 13. Grab a bunch of your friends and make a team,
Cheap Nike Jordan 13. You can take the team as seriously as you want. Some teams hold practices and set up play books while other do it just to get out of working on homework for the night,
Jordan 4 Retro Shoes. Fraternities and sororities often but teams together for points in their Greek systems.

Come summer time or those who are not in college another great avenue is the local park district. Again put a team together with co workers or friends (or a mixture of both) and hit the court (or field). Often park districts have men’s and women’s leagues along with co ed leagues for certain sports such as softball,
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Find out the open gym times at park districts or gyms,
Cheap Nike Jordan 7. Here is a great place to play a pick up team with people who want to play the sport just as bad as you. It is also a great way to get into shape if there is a regular group of men or women who play a couple days a week,
Cheap Air Jordan 7.

Get your friends together. Sure some of your friends may not be the best athletes in the world, but that doesn’t mean they are not willing to give it a try. Play a pick up game with friends or schedule an annual softball (such as the 4th of July) or football game (before Thanksgiving).

How to Work With Rhinestone Chains

Trim the chain to the length you want,
cheap christian louboutin, by cutting with wire snips between the rhinestones and their metal settings. If you have trouble with this,
christian louboutin replica, stretch out the rhinestone strand so that you can access the tiny,
buy christian louboutin replica, sliding metal strip that connects one piece to the next.

Use the needle nosed pliers to grip the remainder of the cut strip of metal on the end of the rhinestone chain. Twist and tug to remove it, leaving a clean and smooth end to the strip. Do the same on the other end that you cut.

Attach a jump ring to the end of the rhinestone chain, if needed, using a small amount of jewelry solder or quick set epoxy. Avoid using super glues (cyanoacrylate), since this won’t bond well to the often irregular shape of the back of a rhinestone setting.

Use rhinestone chains in jewelry and clothing designs where the chain can mostly lie flat. Avoid designs where the rhinestone chain has to stretch all the way around someone’s neck (in a necklace) or torso (in a garment). Instead,
christian louboutin shoes replica, use the rhinestones to wrap only halfway. Then finish the necklace with jewelry chain, or sew the rhinestones only on the front half of a garment.

Fasten strings of rhinestone chain to garments, using safety pins to position them before sewing. Once you get the positioning you want,
louboutin replica, replace each safety pin with about six or seven isolated loops of stitching (tack stitches); hide the stitches between one rhinestone and the next, rather than letting any thread loop over the tops of the stones themselves. Let the rhinestone chain hang loose between the tack stitches, or add more tack stitches between stones where you want the chain secured.

Use a wrapping technique with rhinestone chains for stationary, non dangling brooch designs, by gluing the chain to a base piece made of metal or wood. Use somewhat curved base pieces,
christian louboutin replica, if possible, to help the rhinestones lie as flat and even as possible.