6 Creepy Schemes Companies Use To Bury You In Debt

Unless you come from an obscenely rich family, one of the first things you find out when you hit adulthood is that your future might depend on your willingness to take on debt. Do you want to go to college? You’ll probably need a loan for that. Need a car? That’s going to require a loan. Ready to put down some roots and settle in a permanent place of your own? Unless your name is Mr. or Ms. Money Bags, get ready to borrow.

And the fact that borrowing is a part of adulthood isn’t even the bad news. If you were paying attention as a child, you saw that one coming. The bad news is that your car, education, and house are only the tip of the debt iceberg. Beneath the sea is a whole other landmass of ways the world wants to keep you in the red.

6. Creditors Will Try To Convince You To Inherit Your Dead Relative’s DebtImagine it’s only been a week or so since your parents died in a tragic white whale hunting accident. In the middle of making funeral arrangements and divvying up the good jewelry, you start getting calls from a debt collector. It turns out your father ran up a huge debt by stockpiling hundreds of harpoons, and these guys want to know how you intend to pay everything off.

"Wait a minute," you’re saying. "I don’t have to pay my parents’ debts!" And you’d be right. But if you think that’s going to stop debt collectors, we admire your optimism.

One Omaha, Nebraska, woman named Linda Long found herself getting calls from a collection agency on behalf of Bank of America shortly after her husband passed away. The caller explained that she was not legally obligated to pay her husband’s credit card debt, but then turned around and recommended that she "get this taken off [her] plate." And the debt collector wasn’t talking about spaghetti.

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"We’re already too big to fail,
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Since FTC guidelines require that debt collectors tell people when they don’t have to pay a debt, creditors and their minions might tell mourners they have a "moral obligation" to make things right before presenting them with the "opportunity" to assume the debt of the deceased. As if the grieving person on the other end of the call won the opposite of the lottery.

Of course, sometimes creditors don’t even need to call you to pay the debt off. Instead, they’ll demand it from the estate of the deceased, because debt collectors are legally free to get all up in that shit. Money that’s managed by an estate must be used to pay off debts before it’s distributed to the heirs, even if the entire inheritance disappears to pay off your dead mom’s Visa. They can also grab the money in a 401(k) (unless other beneficiaries are listed explicitly), and if your parents received Medicaid, some states will put a lien on their house to try to get those Medicaid payments back,
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Basically, not even the Grim Reaper will get in between collectors and what they want.

5. Banks Make Millions Off Of "Free" Checking AccountsMany of us assume that free checking accounts are just one of those things banks use to get you doing business with them, like when a pet store hooks you in with a free dog, only to charge you out the wazoo for dog treats.

Overdraft fees are well known, of course,
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The banks, of course,
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4. Two Year Contracts Are The Bait And Switch Of The Cable IndustryNobody is all that happy with cable companies right now, for a number of reasons, all of which are they’re assholes. And with the rise of Netflix, Hulu, and other services, more customers are giving cable the pixelated finger and going Internet only. So, in order to bring customers back in, cable companies are increasingly offering cable and Internet bundles at reduced prices. You’ll get a special introductory rate for the first 12 months, after which you’re perfectly free to switch if . wait, how long was that contract for,
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In March 2015, the FTC charged with fraud for promising special one year rates, then requiring customers to sign up for two year contracts. And, of course, they don’t keep that rate in the second year: A $20 a month plan can go up as high as $65 a month. Pissed off and want to switch companies? Say hello to nearly $500 in cancellation fees. thanks you for the new island they just bought!.

2012 Fashion Trends

The Spring Forecast is out. It is time to put away the drabness of winter’s blacks and grays and step into the freshness of a new,
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Many fashion designers are collaborating to bring fresh ,new styles, Take for instance the anticipated designs of Jason Wu. He is teaming up with Target to introduce a crisp, fresh new style. You can expect his designs to hit stores right on time for spring,
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Wedges continue to be popular for the spring season,
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Earrings are becoming all the rage as the most important accessory. It is almost comomn place to establish an outfit around a unique, bold pair of earrings. The spring season calls for large, dramatic, colorful earrings using various materials. Feathers continue to dominate as well as sequins and metal. Plan to incorporate at least one pair of dazzling eye candy into your spring wardrobe. They can add that extra style to your outfit as you head out the door to embrace spring’s fresh breath. If earrings are too bold a statement then take a baby step by incorporating unique, colored belts into your wardrobe.

Brooklyn Park police video

Yes, let get the facts straight on what happened during the state convention in Nevada ( shows how media fails us, Readers Write, May 20,
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The rules, according to PolitiFact, were not manipulated, either. Whether or not chairs were thrown, there are documented death threats against the chair of the convention. Sen. Bernie Sanders response has been tepid. He no longer seems to be leading his movement. He is now following an out of control Many people want change, but just because not everyone agrees with you about how to achieve it does not make anyone Change takes time and work in a pluralistic democracy. If Sanders cannot even build a coalition with Democrats, then how on Earth could he govern?

Minnesota, a great state to live in? Both sides make emotional pleas regarding the paid sick leave debate. This needs to be looked into to see how it would affect our state, our families and,
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In a time when acrimony captures the headlines and gridlock has become the status quo, true governmental collaboration goes unheralded. Yet, as in our day to day lives, parks have the power to bring people together. The Minneapolis City Council and Minneapolis Park Board showed us how good government works. We commend the leaders and staff of both. Thanks to this landmark cooperative process, Minneapolis will continue to invest in the nation best park system and ensure that no matter where you live in this city, you will have a vital and vibrant neighborhood park nearby.

Catania Official Appointment of a New Coach And Then Took Off Sicily Montella

Italian local time on June 9, Catania official website announced that the formal appointment of former Roma coach Montella coach for the team new term. Italian local time at 16:30 on June 10, Catania will hold a press conference to the cheap NFL Jersey media Montella and his coaching staff. The coaching staff includes assistant coach Daniel Russo, goalkeeper coach Mark Ohno Maserati, fitness coach James Ta Fuli and Emmanuel and the team doctor Joseph Mara Kelongbinuo and Antonio Torres. The middle of the season, due to dissatisfaction with the team poor performance, Catania coach Jim lifted the original appointment of Paul duties for the team coach Argentine Diego Simeone. Simone Catania coach just in 4 months time not only to lead a successful relegation Catania, his outstanding performance team has also been unanimously praised the club from top to bottom. However, Simonyi to seek new challenges and did not choose to continue coaching Catania, so he chose peace and clubs to break up with him along with the coaching staff members to leave Burgos and Ortega. Simonyi left in Catania began to find a new coach for the team.

After a lot selection, the final decision to appoint rookie Catania coach for the team new coach coach Montella, Vincenzo Montella they signed a contract for 2 years. Half of the season, Montella replaced Claudio Ranieri as new coach of Rome, Rome, during his charge to lead the Roman played 13 league games scored 7 wins 3 draws, 3 losses record. He also succeeded in activating the abnormal performance in Clay Matthews Jersey the hands of poor Ranieri Roma captain Francesco Totti. In the hands of Claudio Ranieri, Francesco Totti in 21 league games to participate in only scored 4 goals; men in Montella, Francesco Totti participating in 11 games,
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But because Roman did not get to lead the Champions League next season tickets and the process shown in the coach ability to spot a lack of command, tactical and other shortcomings nothing new to Rome under the new owners decided not to let the season to coach Montella Rome. Previously, the Club of Rome had hoped Montella can continue to Rome, but the small aircraft are eager to show himself in the larger stage, he wanted to realize their own in the top flight coaches dream. Therefore, the take off in Sicily is extremely important for Montella, and wish him smooth sailing this time. Chievo Serie announced through the official website, the club appointed as the new season, coach Dicarlo. Previously, Dicarlo has coached two seasons at Chievo. For Dicarlo, this is a regression. Chievo official website said in a GDonald Driver Jersey statement, "Chievo club announced March 23, 1964 will be born in the 2011/12 season Carlo as the post of first team coach. We are here to welcome Di Luo return. " Previously, Dicarlo had spent two glorious Chievo season. "the fall of 2008, Dicarlo took over Chievo.

At that time, he led in deep relegation relegation round circle of success ahead of Chievo. Under his leadership, Chievo 5 wins and 10 draws, 3 losses record outstanding. then that season, Dicarlo Chievo plot led by 44 points. the season, Chievo defense ranked fifth in the Serie. club official said, Mr. Dicarlo tomorrow will be a local hotel in Verona Meet the Press. " Summer of 2010, Juventus Del Neri lured away from Sampdoria. Dicarlo choose to leave Chievo Sampdoria picked up the pointer,
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Cesena lost at home to relegation rivals,
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With primitive living up North comes a new value system

The two are well aware they could live an entirely different lifestyle: Get jobs, live in a town,
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Along with hunting, fishing and gathering, part of their sustenance comes from teaching and selling goods they made or harvested. Johnson, 39, doesn deny a necessary coexistence with some modern technology. They have a cellphone, a computer and a car. But he said they use modern tools to work back toward a lifestyle that more directly connected to the land. For instance, materials they use aren always accessible where they live. Quality birch bark for canoes has become increasingly harder to find,
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Friedman and Cole also learned most of their traditional skills in a variety of ways: from a network of friends with similar interests; at folk schools, wild food summits and primitive gatherings; books and videos; and trial and error. They said the time and effort those skills require fosters their appreciation for all resources. Whether gathering wild foods,
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