Dancing her way through life

Some people have passion. They love what they do and it shows. Mary Lynch from Swords County Dublin has been dancing all her life. Now at a stage in life when people usually start to slow down, she’s still dancing any chance she gets.

Dancing is probably the most natural thing we can do and Mary can barely remember a time when she didn’t do it. She’s been dancing all her life. "A day without dancing is a day lost,
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fake oakleys, I’m dancing four days a week. It’s just what I do,
cheap oakleys, I never think ‘oh no, now I have to go dancing, it’s not like the gym or running, I can’t wait to get to the studio".

Her love of dancing can be traced back to her early years in Dublin’s inner city. Mary is a true ‘Dub’ born to a city that no longer exists, she played in and around the d’Olier street area, she swung from rope swings hung from lampposts, a street culture that has all but disappeared. But it was the old Theatre Royal on Hawkins Street, where The Screen cinema now stands that perhaps inspired her love of dance.

"First of all that building should never have been pulled down and all of Dublin should be ashamed," she says. "The back entrance of the Theatre Royal backed onto the street where I lived, Townsend Street and that way we were able to sneak in. I remember sitting in the dark one day looking at the dancers, the Royalettes rehearsing. They were show girls and were kicking their legs in the air. Maybe that was the start of it for me," Mary recalls.

"Ballet was the first thing," Mary says. "After that there was Irish dancing, and the next thing I remember was disco dancing and roller skating, I would have been married with kids then. Then line dancing came in, Country and Western I danced in competitions with that, I danced all over the world with line dancing," says Mary about all the different styles her dancing has encompassed.

"Now it’s ballroom dancing that I love." Why? "Oh the glamour" she responds immediately. "The glitz and the glamour, I love the costumes, of both the men and the women, the movement, I just love. It’s a close hold with your partner in ballroom. Recently I’ve gotten into Latin dancing, which is great. In Latin you’re always facing your partner".

There is a misconception out there that some people just can’t dance. There are people who won’t dance rather than can’t dance. Mary shakes her head when I mention ‘two left feet’. "There’s no such thing," she says.

"If you can walk you can dance. There’s no such thing as someone who can’t dance. You look at a baby,
replica cheap ray bans, when music comes on they’ll move with the music, it’s an in built beat that we all have. Dancing is only putting one foot in front of the other. When you put music on children automatically know which style of dance.

Mary’s dance partner and teacher Noel of Dance Addiction studios in Blanchardstown is another who has been dancing since he was six years old. He breaks the mould somewhat in that he’s also a painter/decorator and to look at him you would never expect that he was into ballroom dancing. However when we see him on the floor with Mary, he is transformed. His movement is fluid, sure and graceful and the two make an incredible pair to watch.

It’s just refreshing to see two people following their passion. We live in a cynical age, so much so, that young people often feel they can’t get up on the dance floor without a few drinks. But Mary and Noel are fearless, they dance for themselves and couldn’t care less. That is admirable and more, it’s an inspiration.

"I couldn’t not do it. Even if I’m in the supermarket and the music comes on, part of me will be dancing," says Mary. "I am what I am. The older I get, the less I care what anyone thinks. As long as my heart is beating, I’ll be dancing".

Racism is every American

Racism is every American

A young and unarmed black man was walking home from a convenience store and was murdered by a man with a gun who claimed he was defending himself,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys. The man with the gun is now free because a jury of six women acquitted him of all charges. Life is absurd.

On my Twitter feed, many people have expressed shock and outrage. They seem genuinely surprised. Having followed the trial, I am not so much surprised as I am numb. I don’t quite feel anger, though I am, in my way,
Cheap NFL Jerseys, outraged. This verdict speaks for itself. This verdict tells us everything we need to know about our laws, whom they are designed to protect, and why. It tells us about the power of the gun lobby, the power of stereotypes, and the value of a black person’s life.

Black men and women,
NFL Jerseys 2015, black boys and girls, will continue to live in a world where they are guilty until proven innocent, and where their lives matter less in a justice system that is anything but blind to race. None of us, in fact, are blind to race. When people say, "I don’t see race," they are actually saying, "I don’t want to see race and thereby face the world as it really is." It is the most sincere expression of privilege there is.

We need to consider the bigger picture. What happened to Trayvon Martin is not a problem with Florida. We can joke about the Sunshine State and its supposed backwardness. We can pretend Zimmerman’s acquittal wouldn’t have happened elsewhere. That simply isn’t true. Though Florida’s "Stand Your Ground" law contributed significantly to Zimmerman’s acquittal, the root of the problem reaches far deeper and stretches all across these United States. We must forget the convenient narrative that racism only thrives in the South. Racism is an American problem. We all need to stop trying to absolve ourselves of responsibility.

Inevitably, when I write about race or gender, people say, "You’re pointing out problems we already know about. You’re wasting time. You’re making trouble. Focus on solutions." I hear these statements, truly I do, but when people suggest that cultural critics should offer solutions to problems that cannot be easily solved, they are saying, "Don’t make me feel helpless. Don’t remind me of how powerless I am." I hear that too.

It is a comforting idea that the problems borne of racism or misogyny might be equations for which there are elegant solutions. This is not the world we live in. An essay or an Op Ed won’t solve anything. I know that and you know that. Nonetheless, my most powerful tool is words, and so I use my voice as best I can. I do other things, beyond words. I vote. I teach. Most people do far more. I want to do far more.

This verdict is a reminder that we all need to do far more, though I am not entirely sure what doing more should look like. How do we create change in a country where George Zimmerman can be acquitted? We can wear hoodies. We can protest. We can sign petitions. We can write our elected leaders. We can work to elect better lawmakers in 2014 and 2016 and beyond. We can donate money to and volunteer for organizations that fight racism and gun violence like the NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence,
Cheap Jerseys, and many others. We can also confront the instances of casual racism in our everyday lives, whether they come from ourselves or the people around us. We can stop hysterically shouting "political correctness" or "censorship" when people suggest that everyone, regardless of race or gender or any manner of "difference," deserves to live with dignity. I’m not sure any of these efforts will accomplish much, but what else can we do? We have to do something.

In the coming days, there will be impassioned and righteous writing about Trayvon Martin, race in America, and the travesty of justice that has taken place in Florida. None of this writing will necessarily solve anything but it will matter, at least a little, because people are making some noise instead of stewing silently, helplessly, hopelessly.

I am numb but I will not allow myself to feel hopeless. No one should allow themselves the luxury and impotence of despair right now. If we despair, we are surrendering to injustice. We may feel powerless. We may be powerless. But we cannot give up hope. We cannot be silent.

what are they and how you can protect yourself

what are they and how you can protect yourself,
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More than four million pounds lost with the oldest and most vulnerable most at risk but this time it’s not the banks’ fault.

Worse, if you’re left on the hook the there’s almost nothing you can do to get your money back. So what is ‘vishing’ and how can you stay safe?

Vishing the fraudsters’ tricks exposed "Vishing is where a criminal will pretend to be your bank or the police make you believe your money is at risk," the Financial Ombudsman explains.

Criminals generally will call you and try and persuade you you money is at immediate risk.

The only way you can protect it, they tell you, is to withdraw it or move it to a safe account fast.

Generally they want you to transfer the money online or over the phone, but there have been cases when people have made transfers in their bank branch or handed their card to a courier who arrives at the door.

Sound a bit too obvious to fall for? This is where the clever part of the fraud comes in.

Spoofing and no hang ups

The first trick they use is something called "spoofing". This technical trick allows a criminal to impersonate your bank, either with their number coming ups as the same as your bank’s or potentially even texts coming into the same conversation string as real ones from your bank .

So from the outset the criminal looks like they are legitimate.

The second trick is called a "no hang up". If they’ve called you and you the line isn’t closed until they hang up, no matter if you do or not.

That means you can hang up, then dial your real bank number (or any number for that matter), but when you pick up the phone it’s still the criminal on the other end of the line.

And it’s this techincal trick that flummoxes the most careful people.

"I regard myself as someone who is careful about money and security. I always burn any disused private papers and cover my PIN at card machines. But on this occasion,
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Once they’ve convinced their victim of the risk to their money, they get them to transfer it to a fake account, hand their card details (or card itself) over, or even withdraw money and pay it in to the criminal’s account.

"These are extremely cruel and convincing deceptions and consumers are tricked into believing they are protecting their money, when in fact it is being stolen,
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"Scammers are relying on people’s vulnerability and vishing is particularly insidious in exploiting this. This is why we really want to share what we are seeing in the complaints we handle and encourage people to get talking about scams with their friends and relatives so they become more alert to the risks stopping the fraudsters in their tracks."

Poll loading end of widget id: 1489271,
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But it’s not the bank’s fault (most of the time) While, generally, if someone impersonates you and takes your money the bank IS liable and will generally give you your money back as long as you can show you weren’t negligent.

Of those who were caught out by vishing fraudsters, almost three people in four (73%) who had been caught out by this scam felt the bank was responsible and should provide a refund, and four in nine thought their bank could have done more to stop the criminals, the Ombudsman revealed.

But in this case, the banks are mostly off the hook.

"Banks have a duty to act on their customers’ instructions. So if a consumer transfers or withdraws money themselves during a scam, they’re unlikely to get it back," the Ombudsman explained.

But don’t lose all hope, because in some cases the Ombudsman looked into the bank was found to not have treated its customers fairly.

In some cases they found that the bank could well have done more, and forced them to pay the customer back in full. But this is rare.

The best advice is to be as careful as possible before transferring your cash .

What to watch for and tell your parents and relatives to look out for

"Fraudsters often target the vulnerable and that is why we are urging people seeing relatives over the summer to highlight the risks and prevent these scams happening in the first place," the ombudsman said.

To help, here are their hints and tips to help people to protect themselves from financial fraud:

Never give out personal or banking information when answering an incoming call, and don’t always rely on the Caller ID for identification. If you’re in any doubt about the identity of a caller claiming to be from your bank or the police, hang up and call the phone number on your account statements, back of your debit or credit card, in the phone book, or on the company’s website. Use a different phone or wait at least five minutes before making the call to make sure you’re not speaking to the same fraudsters. An easy way to protect your financial details is by shredding bank statements, receipts and other documents containing any financial information, such as account numbers. Remember, if your bank suspects your account has been compromised by fraudsters they will usually ‘freeze the account’ which will prevent any transactions happening there is no need for you to do anything. The banks and police assure you they will NEVER:

Labour minister on what led to the nationwide strike

Ten central trade unions will go on a nationwide strike on Wednesday, protesting against the government’s labour reforms and inaction towards their demands.

Ahead of the strike, Union Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya (pictured below) tells Somesh Jha and Indivjal Dhasmana the union’s attitude should change with the new industrial dynamics.

Those are related to FDI (foreign direct investment),
cheap ray ban sunglasses, disinvestment of public sector units and contract workers. We have discussed all issues categorically.

Though we might not regularise contract workers, the major concern for us was how to enhance their wages. We also agreed upon providing a social security net (for them).

How will you term the behaviour of the trade unions, since you claim that most of the problems have been addressed?

It’s not a question of behaviour, but their attitude should change. It should be in workers’ and national interest.

The whole attitude should change with the changing times when we are witnessing new modes of business, diversified industry and the rising share of youth in the working population.

Do you see political divisions among trade unions, with BMS calling off the strike but other trade unions going ahead with it?

I can’t say that. Inference can be drawn by people themselves. The government is trying its best and engaging in dialogue with the unions,
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The finance minister (Arun Jaitley) gave them his maximum time and sat all through the meeting. In the first meeting itself, he made it clear that the government has taken steps in favour of workers.

Do you find it more difficult to negotiate with other labour unions because they come from different political backgrounds than talking with the BMS,
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We held a dialogue and the issues were sorted out. The BMS realised issues can be sorted out in a phased manner. If the government is coming out with solutions what is the need to call a strike?

This is the perspective by which the BMS had agreed. They didn’t call off the strike because of political reasons.

When we took the steps to provide social security to unorganised workers, these were all the demands of the BMS. Other unions also appreciated the government. When we are going two steps forward, you are going a step back. This should not be the attitude.

The striking unions said BMS called off strike due to political reasons. Was there any pressure from your government on BMS, as it is affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh?

There were no separate talks with BMS. BMS was more aggressive in their demands than other unions,
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When they were convinced, they didn’t agree to join and in fact they questioned the others as to why they are going ahead with the strike even after demands had been met.

So, do you think the demands are irrational?

The only point is their attitude should change.

Do you think the unions are bogged primarily by their Left ideology?

Naturally, yes. Left ideology can’t grow. Look at what is happening in West Bengal and Kerala. What is their presence?

What is the percentage of the vote share? More important, there shouldn’t be rigidity and their ideologies shouldn’t be imposed on others.

What is your assessment of the strike?

There won’t be much impact. However, misinformation is being spread a lot. Proper information should reach workers and we will develop that approach.

Pregnant belly painting

I just bought my first crop top and I 30 weeks pregnant.

It was an awesome experience made possible by the lovely staff at Forever 21 who (despite my heavily pregnant state) seemed entirely unfazed by my search for a badass, belly baring top.

My midsection has always been kinda lumpy a flaw accentuated by the fact that I have a rather boyish, uncurvy figure. Yes,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys, mine has been a life fairly devoid of midriff, with my belly button basically designated as an extra part. pregnancy changes everything. In place of my lumpy tummy I now have a taut,
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So when a family friend (a professional face painter) offered to paint my stomach, I jumped at the opportunity not to commemorate my pregnancy,
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So Internet,
NFL Jerseys China, without further ado: my bump (featuring the amazing art of Jocelyn Casdorph).

This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.