Is Search Engine Optimization A Dying Industry

Is Search Engine Optimization A Dying Industry

If you were to search for "search engine optimization" on Google Insights for Search at the beginning of the year 2011 you would see that the searches for it in the United States have been slowly going down,
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Is Search Engine Optimization Really A Dying Industry?

Not quite,
michael kors cheap, to say at the least. More and more local businesses are realizing the absolute power of ranking their business at the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you are a professional in this market then you probably already know how busy this past year or so has been with the local search engine optimization clients and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

So Why Is This Term Slowly Moving Down The Charts?

Well as more people are finding out exactly what search engine optimization is, it’s kind of a tough phrase to say to people and business owners who are unfamiliar with the term. I find that many business owners will usually give you an "awkward eye" when you bring up the term, and I’ve come to find out that most people just refer to it as just SEO nowadays. With my intuition as an internet marketer, I was intrigued to find out this answer and looked up "SEO services" on Google Insights for Search and voila I found the answer. The trend on people searching for SEO services has been steadily on the rise for the past year and that is exactly why the trend for people searching for "search engine optimization" has come to a decline.

What really tickles me is that many of these people who say they know what SEO is have never heard of the term "search engine optimization". It’s kind of funny that they are the same thing yet most people just know it as the shortened term,
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This is the same case for many different things across the web,
fashion bags, where people take the shortcut to find what they’re looking for by abbreviating a certain search term. Afterall, we are in a world that everything is now available at our fingertips by the press of a button so it just makes sense to shorten terms like this when writing or talking to others. Just look at the terms LOL or SMH, which mean "laugh out loud" and "shake my head". These are just a couple examples of the many terms that have been shortened for the convenience of people worldwide.

To wrapthings up in this article,
coach outlet store, I would like to say that things aren’t always what they appear to be at first glance. If you’re thinking about going into a market make sure that the research is done properly. A simple mistake like basing all of your data from one source could prevent you from creating something that could be huge. Sometimes you just have to look outside of the box for a moment and see what’s really going on around you (this is a strategy that I learned from Kyle at the Wealthy Affiliate University).

Many people and businesses are just now learning to make money online so I think that SEO will be around for a long time to come,
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