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Icahn School of Medicine: Traumatic Stress Studies Program

The Mount Sinai Traumatic Stress Studies Program is comprehensive evaluation and treatment for trauma survivors and their families by experienced professionals. Searingly honest, tragically witty and with an engaging, intelligent writing style,
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Gift From Within PTSD Resources

Gift From Within is an international non profit organization dedicated to help those who suffer post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),
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Mood Anxiety Disorders Program

A federally sponsored (NIMH) Research Program, this Web site acts as a resource for finding clinical trials for Depression, Panic, PTSD, and Bipolar disorders, for all populations: children,
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National Center for PTSD

What is the National Center for PTSD?

We are the center of excellence for research education on the prevention, understanding, and treatment of PTSD. We have seven divisions across the country. Although we provide no direct clinical care,
uggs uk replica, our purpose is to improve the well being and understanding of American veterans. We conduct cutting edge research and apply resultant findings to: "Advance Science and Promote Understanding of Traumatic Stress."

The premier online resource for information,
wholesale uggs uk, organizations, and resources related to PTSD.5 Feb 2000 Hits: 3537 Rate This DetailsA national non profit organization devoted to education, advocacy and research related to the early recognition and treatment of trauma related stress in children and the understanding and treatment of adults suffering from trauma generated disorders.

5 Stories That Prove Police Are Just as Terrifying in Canada

Police brutality is a lot like professional football in Canada. Most people in the United States don’t even realize they have it, and those who do assume it’s just some pussified version more befitting the rampant politeness that we’ve come to associate with that frosty ass country. However, just like the most decorated quarterback in professional football history played his entire career in the CFL, some of the most outrageous instances of police brutality in recent history have quietly been happening in Canada. We talk about that on this week’s Unpopular Opinion podcast .

Insane law enforcement antics in Canada are also the subject of this column, but before we get to it, I’d like to make something clear. This should not be taken as some sort of half hearted attempt to reassure anyone that things aren’t all that bad here in the United States. No, things are 25 different sizes of fucked up right now in this country, and everyone knows it.

That doesn’t mean things are a whole lot better anywhere else, though, and the "anywhere else" in this case just happens to be Canada, because when you’re talking about a country that’s routinely mocked for being nice, the last thing you expect to hear about is shit like .

5. The Saskatoon Freezing Deaths (aka "Starlight Tours")So here’s a guy who deserves his own movie. In the early morning hours of Jan. 28, 2000, Darrell Night, a member of the Cree Nation, was picked up by two Saskatoon police officers (both white) after a drunken argument at his uncle’s apartment got a bit out of hand. Like any clear thinking intoxicated person, he expected to be taken to the town drunk tank to sleep off his buzz. That didn’t happen. Instead, Night was driven three miles out of town, removed from the vehicle, had his head slammed against the hood, his handcuffs removed, and was told to walk back. He was wearing jeans, a T shirt, a denim jacket, and running shoes. In January. At night. In Canada.

Unsurprisingly, he assumed he was going to die. It wasn’t just a working knowledge of how the human body handles exposure to cold weather that led him to this conclusion, either. That police in Saskatoon would routinely take First Nation people picked up for being drunk and disorderly to the outskirts of town, often during the winter, and tell them to sober up on the walk home was common knowledge in the area. The act of doing that actually has a name. It’s called a "Midnight Blue Tour" or "Starlight Tour", and that it was commonplace in Saskatoon was more like a legend at the time, but one based on the fact that, over the years, several First Nation people in Saskatoon turned up dead of hypothermia on the edge of town, for reasons that no one could ever really explain. His story prompted human rights watch group Amnesty International to issue a report criticizing the pattern of abuse against First Nation men by police in Saskatoon. It had all the makings of a huge international news story when the two officers involved, Dan Hatchen and Ken Munson, were finally sentenced for their crime . in September 2001.

That said, those two constables did go to prison (for eight entire months), and Night’s story prompted inquiries into several other suspicious deaths, including a man named Neil Stonechild who, according to a friend, was last seen getting into a police car before eventually turning up dead from exposure on the outskirts of Saskatoon.

Unfortunately, in every case other than Night’s, no police misconduct was ever proven, and no additional charges were filed. To add a truly sad ending (so far) to an already sad story, in 2003 a police official admitted that Starlight Tours may have been a common practice for decades within the department after it came to light that a Saskatoon cop was disciplined for abandoning a native woman outside of town in 1976. So how long was it happening before that one person got "disciplined" in 1976? I don’t know, but "forever" is probably a decent guess.

This series of events came to be known as The Saskatoon Freezing Deaths, and that movie I pined for at the beginning of this entry already happened. Do the entire world a favor and watch it sometime. Do me a favor and keep reading for now, though.

4. The Pro Football Player Forced to Retire After Being Beaten by Police and Framed for Cocaine PossessionOrlando Bowen was a linebacker in the Canadian Football League, which is like the National Football League except the fields are 10 yards longer and almost none of you reading this even know it exists. So you can definitely be forgiven if, just like for me, the absurdly sad story of what happened to Bowen on the night of March 26, 2004, never really became a part of your daily news cycle.

While out celebrating a new contract he’d just signed with the Toronto Argonauts, Bowen was approached by two men in front of a nightclub. They asked for drugs. He explained that he didn’t have any and, when the men persisted, he tried to get away. At that point, he heard the exact words no one running away from another person wants to hear: "Stop or I’ll shoot!"

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

"Totally kidding; I’ll shoot either way!"

Bowen immediately realized he was dealing with police, so he froze, assuming it was all a misunderstanding. I guess in some sense of the word he was correct about that, but it’s unlikely he took "misunderstanding" to mean he was about to be severely beaten and subsequently arrested for assaulting a police officer. As he sat in a holding cell, he was notified that a charge of cocaine possession had been tacked on as well, which must have come as quite a shock, considering he didn’t have drugs on him at the time.

Would it help if I pointed out that Bowen, just weeks prior, had teamed up with this very police department to work on youth outreach programs to keep kids away from gangs and drugs? Or how about that he taught a racial sensitivity class at that same police department? Clean criminal record? Extensive record of community service and charity work? Would any of that do anything to ease your doubts?

An Overview Of The New Toy Story Lego Sets

The new LEGO building sets are that of the Toy Story theme. The building sets will come in a number of different sets and will feature a number of the familiar characters that our children have loved ever since the creation of the first Toy Story movie. At some point in our childhood, we all had a favorite toy that we loved and that’s what Toy Story was all about. The love that a little boy had for his toys. In the sets you will be surprised at the detail that the LEGO world was able to depict in the collection.

Woody’s Roundup is one set that is out for purchase from the Disney collection. The collection has a number of pieces that when put together will build a Sheriff’s building and also the local western jail. What would a western scene be, without the cactus and snake that slithers around in the western town. You will have the Woody character that will be wearing the horse costume. There will be a troth available and a western man. The set contains 502 pieces and can be expensive since it is a newer item from the LEGO company as well as most sets are quite pricey to begin with.

To Build the Buzz Lightyear, there are a number of pieces to put together to form the Lightyear character. The set includes all the pieces to make the Buzz Lightyear that is supposed to fly into space. To Infinity and beyond was his saying and this goes beyond what LEGO was trying to accomplish. This is wonderful toy for children ages 6 and up. However, with parental guidance and careful supervision, a child at age 5 could play with these toys. They may not be ready to put it together however but with the parents help would make a good activity for them to do together. The set contains 205 pieces ranging from the round helmet to the wings of Buzz Lightyear.

Woody and Buzz To The Rescue is another set that LEGO put out from the Toy Story theme. The vehicle that Buzz and Woody have are that of a Dune Buggy looking vehicle that features 2 eyes and what would look like a smile on the vehicles face. There is 2 action figures of Woody and Buzz that accompany the set and the set consists of 92 pieces. Not to mention it features a motorized action that has the car actually moving.

There is a Army Men set that LEGO has featured from the Toy Story theme and has the Army men holding onto their guns standing outside of the LEGO Jeep. This set offers up 90 pieces to make the set complete. The whole set is green and is quite simple to put together when compared to all the other sets in the Toy Story category.

Buzz Lightyear and his Command Spaceship is another set that is made by the LEGO brand. The spaceship set features the action figures that will make the LEGO set complete and contains 257 pieces and is recommended for children age 7 and up. As with before, you could make this a activity for a 6 year old with the parents supervision and participation. The sets are sure to be a hit among the people who enjoy LEGO as well as the movie Toy Story.

100 Million Business Idea

Fulfill their need, not your passion.

It’s a myth that successful businesspeople got into their field because they cared deeply about it. Success doesn’t follow passion, it follows need. Find something that no one’s doing that somebody should do. That’s what Dick Costolo, founder of Feedburner, did when he saw that publishers had content but no way to distribute it online to subscribers and syndicators.

Where there’s a meaningful problem, there’s a reason to solve it. Cardiologist Donald C. Harrison came up with the idea for his medical device company AtriCure after asking himself how he could make a novel contribution that would help his heart patients in a major way.

Get it from your hands, not your head.

How did a guy with a degree in supercomputing end up in the trucking biz? Internet Explorer billionaire Tim Krauskopf got the idea for a transportation technologies startup, FreightZone, after he learned to drive a semi and began to experience what was involved in the trucking industry.

Put your heads together.

Often, $100 million ideas come from collaboration. Rock Mackie knew Tomotherapy was a viable concept only after three of his graduate students each made separate and important discoveries. Put together, his team’s ideas resulted in a new and remarkably better CT scanning technology for treating disease.

Make it sellable and fixable.

Do you think you have a great idea for a new product? It’s not a great idea until you’ve gotten involved in selling it. Jim Dolan of the Dolan Company advises that selling is the quickest way to find out what’s wrong with your product idea so you can fix it quickly and move on. If you can’t sell it, don’t make it.

Get help developing it.

Serial entrepreneur Mahendra Vora, who’s launched more than a dozen highly successful tech companies, warns would be entrepreneurs not to be narcissistic about their idea. Instead, develop 60 percent of your vision, put it into the hands of trusted customers, and let them help with the remaining 40 percent of the idea.

Robert Jordan has been launching and growing companies and helping other entrepreneurs do the same for the past 20 years. His newest endeavors are RedFlash project implementation team, and interimCEOinterimCFO, a worldwide network of interim, contract, and project executives.

Anastasia Gavalas

The rampage of "first day of school" photo sharing on social media is inevitable these days and often teeters on the verge of nauseam. So, after everyone is done capturing their children’s picture perfect, back to school moments and wiping away the tears consider all the benefits moms get when they send their children off to school.

Sure summer is fun and notorious in helping parents loosen up and create lifestyles that are more unplanned and relaxed. But, after two plus months filled with screaming children, constant feedings, unceasing commotion, kids running in and out of the house, kitchen messes, sibling squabbles and multiple tumbles and scraps, most hands on moms I know would give anything for a few hours of uninterrupted alone time. Not to forgo the whiny pangs from children who claim to be bored just moments after having been entertained from sunset to sundown.

When your children return to school this year, and the house becomes a bit more tranquil, relish in the space that those initial days provide. It’s so easy for all the newfound time to get swallowed up by other family life "to dos." So, consider what you really want for your life and make a plan. Women, in particular, need to fiercely protect any time they acquire at the start of every school year long enough to have it become part of their daily routines. This not only promotes balance for individuals but also for entire families. Here are five other really awesome benefits moms get when kids go back to school.

Summer doesn’t have to end for moms. Savor that laid back, relaxed mode as long as possible by setting up a few "staycations" of your own. Enjoy the beauty and stillness of your own home, start a restorative morning routine, or pack a chair and a good book and go to the beach for the day.

Children grow more independent. Each year provides a chance to shorten the list of tasks moms naturally take on.

Regular sleep schedules for everyone. Sleep is critical for our well being, especially growing little ones. More sleep makes everyone naturally happier.

The house stays clean for more than 10 minutes at a time. Need I say more?!?

New opportunities to meet other moms and make new friends.

Summer is wonderful. But, the start of school for kids brings new beginnings for moms as well. It’s the perfect time for them to focus on their own wellbeing and have courageous conversations about what they need to feel inspired and fulfilled. And, once moms recognize these benefits, we’ll probably see more sharing of first day of school "happy mom" photos.