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One of the most dreaded and inevitable changes with menopause is a change in body shape. An average woman will gain 10 to 15 pounds with menopause, usually around the midriff. This weight gain is due to a decrease in the metabolic rate of the body (your calorie burning capacity) coupled with the fact that people become more sedentary and lose muscle mass as they get older. Traditional dieting slows the metabolic rate in an attempt to conserve calories, leading to fatigue and easier weight gain.

Midlife women must often make systematic lifestyle changes to keep themselves at a healthy weight. Exercise, exercise, exercise to increase your metabolic rate and build muscle mass. Then, eat a calorie appropriate, nutritious diet with lots of fiber. Your main goal should be feeling good about your healthy body; a woman who feels good about herself will look her best at any weight.

Take good care of yourself, and your skin will look better, too. For many women, wrinkles, age spots, and crow feet in the corners of the eyes start appearing around midlife. Your skin will only be as healthy looking as you are. Moisturizers can help

slow this process.

Dryness, particularly on the face, seems to come with age. Use moisturizers. Put a moisturizer under your makeup. Use a heavier moisturizer after you wash your face for the night. Keep the skin on your arms and legs smooth by using lotions. If you live in a climate with low indoor humidity during the winter, keep a humidifier going.

Many women who smoke notice more facial wrinkles than women who do not. If you are a smoker, stop smoking for your health sake and also for your appearance!

If you have sun damaged skin from earlier years of sunbathing, you can easily undo that damage. However, you can prevent further damage by applying a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) when you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors in the sunshine. Be sure to reapply the sunscreen if you perspire a great deal or go swimming. Wear a wide brimmed hat to keep your face shielded from direct sunlight.

Many women who are affected by hormonal changes notice unwanted facial hair. If the amount is sudden and dramatic, seek medical advice. There are several prescription drugs available that can counteract unusual hair growth. If it is not due to any medical problems, consider electrolysis or laser hair removal as an option for getting rid of it.

Take a careful look at the type of makeup you use. If you are doing your makeup the same way you have for many years, consider having a professional makeup consultation. Many department stores offer makeup consultations at no charge in the cosmetic sections. You may learn a few new ideas to incorporate into your daily routine.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Your hair is like your skin: It is a mirror of your health. Healthy women usually have healthy hair. By following a good diet, drinking plenty of liquids, getting enough rest, and avoiding smoking, you may actually improve the quality of your hair.

Some women notice hair loss around menopause. Hair loss can be caused by a medical condition, such as low thyroid or anemia, or simple bad habits, such as overusing irritating chemicals in hair dyes or repeatedly pulling hair into tight buns or ponytails. But the vast majority of hair loss in women is caused by genetics. The same genes that cause male pattern baldness also cause gradually thinning hair in women, especially during menopause.

Talk with your doctor about the hair loss to determine is there is an underlying medical condition or if prescription or over the counter medication would be appropriate to treat hair loss. Discuss hair and scalp care with a knowledgeable beautician. Fortunately, a good hair cut and style can usually disguise thinning hair.

Color Your Hair for a Change

While streaks of gray are not directly related to menopause, feeling good about your appearance can be a real boon when dealing with other effects of estrogen loss. There are many types of products on the market temporary, semipermanent,
cheap ugg boots wholesale, and permanent. If you like to see what a new color might do for you, experiment with one that washes out, or try a coloring agent that washes out in four or five shampoos. While it is helpful to have a professional colorist for both types of temporary colors, the pro is especially important if you going to use a permanent color. A good thing to keep in mind is that as you age,
fake uggs uk, your complexion changes as well, and the deep, dark hair color or bleached blonde of your youth may not work as well right now. Your hairdresser can be enormously helpful in guiding you to the right shade (or shades) that will work for your skin tone. If you been thinking about a fabulous new look, you couldn have chosen a better time.

Keep Your Nails Healthy

It not just your skin and hair that need special attention at menopause. Your changing estrogen levels also affect your nails. You may notice that your fingernails are not as easy to keep beautiful. They may seem more brittle than before and may break a little more easily. Don despair; with a little extra care, you shouldn have a problem.

Keep your hands clean and protect your nails. Wear gloves when you do the dishes or come in contact with any strong cleansers. You should also wear gloves for tasks such as gardening. Keep hand lotion on your nightstand,
replica ugg boots, next to your sink, at your desk, and in your purse. Remember to moisturize your nails and cuticles often, and avoid applying and removing polishes over and over again. Why not make a manicure or pedicure part of your hygiene routine? Manicures and pedicures can be very relaxing, and with all the pressures that midlife can bring,
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Coping with the various challenges of menopause can really take a toll. Aside from the hot flashes and sleep disruptions, the biggest obstacle may be emotional. In the next section, we will learn how to relive menopausal depression.

For information on the topics covered in this article, try the following links: To see all of our home remedies, visit our main Home Remedies page. Menopause that befalls women in their forties or fifties, and causes such unpleasant symptoms as hot flashes and insomnia. Learn how to alleviate these conditions in Herbal Remedies for Menopause. To learn more about menopause and how it affects the body, read How Menopause Works. Osteoporosis is another common ailment that develops in later years. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. The publication of this information does not constitute the practice of medicine, and this information does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care provider. Before undertaking any course of treatment, the reader must seek the advice of their physician or other health care provider.

How to Dance beautiful salsa style with Clara

How to Dance beautiful salsa style with Clara

Time to start salsa dancing! In this two part video series, Clara takes you through all of the basics. From your feet all the way up to the tips of your fingers, after watching this tutorial, your whole body will be in the Latin groove.

Salsa dancing not only incorporates beautiful dance steps,
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Part 1 of 15 How to Dance salsa.

Dance salsa Part 2 of 15.

In this episode of Addicted to Salsa, you will learn some advanced club style salsa moves. These moves are similar to the most popular ones found in New York City salsa nightclubs. So, if you are ready to add some Latin flair to your dancing, have a look at this tutorial.

The first move you will learn is called the "Cyclone Bounce" and can be seen in many East Coast dances. The second move you will learn is a new spin on "The Windmill Combo" dance move. Finally, you will get some tips from Julie on how to showcase your lady while you dance. Have fun!.

In this tutorial, we learn how to salsa dance "club style". To do this, start off on the first count and do an open break. Next, the male will switch positions and move around the female. After this, you will come into a rainbow move, and the female will be standing behind you. Now, you will pull the lady around,
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How to Build a Marathoner’s Body in 6 Not

Logging mileage can lead the brain to release feel good hormones that boost your mood and overall health. But a 26.2 mile run isn all bliss.

The good news: The right build from a sharp brain to a strong heart can filter the bad stuff out, keep the good stuff flowing, and propel you toward the finish. But a better body doesn just take training it takes the right kind of training.

There a reason elite athletes train their brains just as hard as their bodies: the distance requires a high level of mental toughness.

And the majority of a runner mental fitness comes from the training itself, says Terrence Mahon, a Boston Athletic Association high performance coach.

during three to four months teaches an athlete to be committed, patient, and to weather the storms of fatigue, soreness, and self doubt, Mahon says.

usually say give yourself 70 calories for every easy mile you run, and 100 for every hard mile. Exact numbers depend on the individual, but the most important factor is incorporating food in at slow and steady rate the same way you should build training volume, she says.

What should you eat? It varies per person, but Austin ballparks it like this: 45 to 70 percent of calories should come from carbs, 10 to 30 from protein, and 15 to 35 from fat.

running is brutally honest it will show you any biomechanical inefficiencies that you need to overcome, says Sara Walker,
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That why one of the most important facets of training is building a strong foundation beyond the pavement. The best marathon runners are comfortable with general strength training.

core transfers energy back and forth between the arms and legs as efficiently as possible, says Mahon.

If it weak, the hips will drop and the arms will rise, creating muscle imbalances and overuse injuries,
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upper body can contribute 25 to 30 percent of the work toward overall running speed, says Mahon. neglect this in training is to leave a lot of minutes back on the course.

Pump up your heart with variety,
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Your ticker is the primary determinant of how much you can exercise, says marathoner Aaron L. During training, your heart adapts to be more efficient,
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heart is kind of a blind organ it doesn know the difference between running, cycling, or rowing, so cross training can be highly effective, Baggish says.

As long as your heart rate is up for an extended period of time, your heart will remodel and adapt, he says. All the more reason to shake things up.

training, your ability to take in and use oxygen gets better that called a VO2 max, says Schwartz.

Running consistently and aerobically helps to enhance oxygen delivery and extraction,
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on abdominal breathing not shallow chest breathing, she says. Put your hand on your stomach you should feel it get bigger when you breathe in and smaller when you breathe out.

can help strengthen the diaphragm and get more oxygen in, she says.

Coordinating breaths with foot strikes can help you breathe deeper and more slowly, and control your heart rate, too, she says. Researchers in England found that runners whose breathing was the most strained also had the most weakness in their legs.

lung capacity is built in two ways, says Mahon.

Running greater distances helps add volume to build out your aerobic system, he says. The second way is running harder at 85 to 95 percent of your max heart rate for shorter bursts, in interval training or tempo runs. The ultimate goal is a large lung capacity and a high power output.

will teach the lungs and heart to become more efficient at shuttling oxygen and blood to and from the working muscles, Mahon says. we look at the lungs like a car engine,
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Calls for Improvements Dealing With Ratepayer Objections

Rampant overbilling at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) have proven that the agency has a tin ear when it comes to its customers.

Take the elderly Soviet emigres who were billed $50,
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LA Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle refused to approve the proposed DWP overcharge settlement that had been touted as answer to ratepayer gripes. He told the city’s utility that it needed to improve the settlement and deal with the concerns of the ratepayer objectors,
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Stinging legal objections to the settlement filed by plaintiffs in 3 out of 4 ratepayer class actions against DWP for massive overbilling cast questions about whether the settlement is real, and why a Chicago attorney, who appeared to be handpicked by DWP to settle claims,
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DWP now has to work it out with the ratepayers before going back to the judge. Will it do the right thing and build more accountability and transparency into its claims process?

DWP may not want a third party determining what it did wrong and who it owes how much,
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If DWP doesn’t do better,
cheap michael kors, Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Attorney Mike Feuer should step in on behalf of ratepayers. Angelenos deserve an objective process to get their money back and real oversight of its renegade utility. And they shouldn’t have to cough up money for more inflated bills: $13 million to a DWP friendly lawyer who appears to have settled the case on the cheap for some quick dough.

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