Coach new Madison Sophia large jeweled satchel

Coach new Madison Sophia large jeweled satchel,
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Coach new Madison Sophia handbag collection for fall and winter 2010 includes a large jeweled satchel that is more luxurious than what many Coach customers may be used to seeing from the leather goods company. Coach handbags are popular and highly sought after in the mid priced handbag market. Coach has a reputation for providing high quality handbags at affordable prices that are within reach of the mass market. Coach is known for creating classic and timeless handbags which can be worn for years rather than one or two seasons.

Coach’s new Madison Sophia large jeweled satchel is luxurious and surprisingly unique. The new Madison Sophia satchel includes varying sizes of jewels,
michael kors handbags replica, two top handles and detachable shoulder strap. The new Madison Sophia jeweled satchel is grey and can easily be worn during the fall months as well as into the holiday season. Coach new Madison Sophia jeweled satchel is also practical enough for daytime use yet easy to pass for evening use due to the jeweled accents and soft grey color.

The grey leather is croc (crocodile) embossed leather and the jewels are strategically placed within the croc patches. Coach used silver hardware and silky turquoise interior lining on the new Madison Sophia jeweled satchel. There are two interior pockets as well as a zipper pocket. The new Madison Sophia by Coach is an east/west satchel which is 17" X 12" X 3.25" and features a zip top closure.

Coach’s new Madison Sophia large jeweled satchel is $1000,
fashion handbags, which is much higher than what Coach clients are used to seeing in terms of pricing. Most Madison satchel’s run between $400 and $600, making the new Madison Sophia jeweled satchel a luxurious option which may be out of reach for many of Coach’s regular customers. On the other hand, the sleek look and luxurious jewel details could attract designer handbag fans who will find $1000 to be a breath of fresh air when compared to similar totes which run over $2000. 24, on the brand new Business of Fashion "Education" page dives right into a tough question, "is fashion education selling a false dream?" This question is brought.

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