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The Crossroads Of Film and Art

FOR most people, a video is something to rent if you missed the movie at a theater. Video means MTV, and a camcorder to preserve the family birthday parties.

One way to catch up with these ever expanding possiblities is offered by "Video Visions," a program of international work presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. The series, which begins today at the Walter Reade Theater, is the second annual video festival presented as part of the New York Film Festival.

Like last year’s program, this one is determined not to be mainstream. You won’t find the increasingly common path from music video director to Hollywood feature film maker here. But then you can discover tomorrow’s Hughes brothers, who used rap videos as their training ground for "Menace II Society, on television.

This series has more in common with
cheap ray bans video programs at the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art than with anything Hollywood is likely to buy. The retrospective of work by the video artist Steve Fagin, beginning today at the Modern, echoes the range in the Walter Reade series. "The Cave," the forthcoming work at the Whitney by Beryl Korot and Steve Reich, blends video and audio interviews and music into a piece that suggests the importance of video at the crossroads of film, performance and installation art. Still, searching for first
replica ray ban sunglasses rate work at this stage of video’s development can be like digging for nuggets during the Gold Rush: sometimes you arrive to find that the wealth of the vein has been exaggerated. "Video Visions" has some golden nuggets and some dross, ranging from deliciously wry and accomplished works like "The Couple in the Cage" to videos with a shocking lack of sophistication. It includes "The Last Bolshevik," a work by the well known French documentary maker Chris Marker that happens to be on video but, except for the way it is projected on the screen, looks entirely like Mr. Marker’s works on film.

Here are some highlights of "Video Visions" and the Fagin retrospective, meant to suggest the breadth of work being shown. Even when the result is more esoteric than enthralling, the programs raise intriguing questions about the status and potential of video as art. The Personal Diary

"Video Visions" opens today with "Double Blind," a real life road movie in which Sophie Calle, a French Conceptual artist, and Gregory Shep hard, a California based artist, set out on a trip from the East Coast to the West. They record their thoughts and give opposite views of their relationship along the way. She wants to marry him in Las Vegas; he sneaks around making calls to another woman. She comes across as desperately out of touch with reality; he comes across as a self absorbed adolescent.

Their merged style has a definite flair. Wry voice overs suggest an awareness of their story in progress, and skewed visual shots capture the kitschy glamour of life as a series of motels, highways and gas stations. But at 76 minutes, this video tells more than most audiences will want to know about the artists. "Double Blind" suggests the dangers attached to the ease of making videos: self indulgent length and navel gazing. Just because you can make a 76 minute personal diary doesn’t mean you ought to. Video as Art

One of the high points of the series is "The Couple in the Cage: A Guatinaui Odyssey," a sly, sophisticated look at a traveling exhibit in which an aboriginal couple from the jungles of South America are caged and put on display. The female member of the Gautinaui tribe wears a baseball cap and Ray Bans along with her green face
cheap ray ban outlet paint. The man wears a ski mask made of leopard skin and seems uncommonly attached to television. Some viewers interviewed while they watch the exhibit think it’s a performance piece; some think it’s a disgusting, imperialist throwback. All is revealed at the end, but from the start it is apparent that the directors, Coco Fusco and Paula Heredia, have created a deliciously witty satire about cultural stereotyping. "The Couple in the Cage" deftly weaves in the history of such exhibits and creates a playful tone that makes the viewer a conspirator, either with the viewers or the caged couple.

This work seems especially smart next to the two videos with which it shares the program, well meaning but dull looks at other cultures. "The Spirit of TV," which follows the introduction of television to the real life Waiapi tribe in Brazil, and "Saputi," which re creates scenes from the daily lives of the Eskimos who live above the Arctic Circle, feel more like anthropological exercises than video art.

"Inversion of Solitude," on a different program, is another accomplished satire. Terri Hanlon has based her irreverent story on the life of St. Therese of Liseux, the Little Flower, here seen in contemporary settings. A voice reads the saint’s own words about her sincere desire to enter the convent at the age of 15. But title cards printed over flowery William Morris designs offer a more practical and mordant commentary, like, "Her favorite hobby was burying dead birds." Ms. Hanlon obviously wasn’t working with a large budget, and "Inversion of Solitude" turns its small cast and outdoor settings into a stylish advantage. It’s hard to resist a work whose cast of characters includes "the Baby Nun," a toddler in a Carmelite habit. Video
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Proposed park smoking ban praised but draws fire

Timeline of localand state smoking bans

1981: Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act prohibits smoking in indoor areas used by the public and places of employment such as
replica ray bans retail stores, schools, banks and auditoriums. Exceptions include cigar bars and up to 25 percent of rooms in a hotel or motel.

2007: Oregon Legislature expands state restrictions,
cheap ray bans banning smoking within 10 feet of buildings used by the public by 2009 and expanding the types of establishments subject to
discount ray bans the ban.

2009: Lane Community College announces campus will become tobacco free effective September 2010.

2009: Eugene City Council expands no smoking zones outside buildings that serve children, including the downtown public library.

2010: University of Oregon announces plan to make campus tobacco free effective
replica ray ban sunglasses September 2012.

2012: Then Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber signs Tobacco Free State Properties Initiative, requiring state agencies to ban tobacco use in and around their facilities by December 2014.

2013: After 2012 proposal to ban smoking on all Lane County owned properties fizzles, county Health and Human Services department bans tobacco use on health department campuses and public health clinics.Articles Connexes:

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No play at US Open Friday because of rain

Open into disarray for the second consecutive year, meaning both singles finals will be pushed back again, and the tournament will end Monday at the earliest. Tennis Association spokesman Chris Widmaier said.

A mix of showers and mist forced postponement of all of Friday’s three scheduled singles matches. That included six time major champion Nadal’s quarterfinal against No. 11 seeded Fernando Gonzalez, a match already suspended Thursday night because of showers after Nadal won the first set in a tiebreaker and led 3 2 in the second set tiebreaker.

Also delayed: The two women’s semifinals,
discount ray bans one between defending champion Serena Williams and 2005 champion Kim Clijsters, the other between a pair of 19 year olds never before this far at a Grand Slam tournament, Caroline Wozniacki and Yanina Wickmayer.

"They canceled my match for today! U all have
cheap ray ban outlet to wait until tomorrow!! (I have to wait too) I love u all for sticking around to watch!! Xxx S," Williams wrote on her Twitter feed.

Those three matches were all rescheduled for Saturday, when the forecast again calls for rain.

Assuming the women’s semifinals can be completed Saturday, that final will be moved to Sunday. Organizers were still trying to iron out all the details,
cheap ray bans including determining where matches will be aired on TV.

If Nadal Gonzalez finishes Saturday, the men’s semifinals will be Sunday. The Nadal Gonzalez winner meets No. 6 seeded Juan Martin del Potro, and five time defending champion Roger Federer faces No. 4 Novak Djokovic.

The men’s
cheap ray bans final then would be moved from Sunday to Monday. Open men’s final was played on a Monday for the first time since 1987.

There is no roof on any court used for the tournament at Flushing Meadows, although studies have been done to check on the feasibility of adding one to Arthur Ashe Stadium. There is a new $60 million indoor facility on the grounds, but that is used only for practice during the tournament.

Wimbledon put a retractable roof over Centre Court for this year’s tournament when the weather was so nice, only parts of two matches were played indoors while the Australian Open has retractable roofs over its two main courts and plans to cover a third. The French Open intends to have a roof over its center court within the next several years.

The players dealt with Friday’s delays in various ways. Wozniacki spent some time practicing indoors, then stopped by the cafeteria, then wandered the hallways of Ashe.Articles Connexes:

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New York Beauty

A better
fake ray bans solution? Fake tanners and sunscreen give you the best of both worlds. Self tanners have evolved from the caveman days of smelly orange ooompa loompa ness, and there are so many great ones to use. Clinique is excellent for fair skinned sensitive types, and Clarins has an very nice Delicious cream. If you are on a budget, you
cheap ray bans can forgo the department store brands and stick to mainstream brands like Jergens and Neutrogena. There is always the spray tan option for a quick and easy fix.

So go out and enjoy those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer, and don’t forget to pack your sunblock!Christine grew up with a love for the beauty industry. From an early age, she could be found mixing up face masks in the kitchen! She has lived in several cities, and visited 4 out of 7 continents. The first stop on
fake ray bans her travels is always the local pharmacy where she can investigate various beauty products abroad. She continues her love of the beauty industry through trying different products and keeping up on
discount ray bans the latest beauty trends. In her free time, you can find her scouring the aisles for the latest beauty products, trying out the latest beauty treatments, reading up on fashion and beauty trends, traveling, and freelance writing.

The sweet smell of lavender is in the air at the Summer Solstice Lavender FestMany Cleveland gardeners plant lavender around their yards because of its many uses and depending on variety, its wonderful aroma (I have some planted on my patio right now). Over the ages,.

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Kids frolic before a freshly painted mural in Kodak ads

The uniform and its accessories are the same Levi’s, Nike sneakers, a T shirt and a Coke.

In the shopping malls and city centers of the developing world, young people meet in fast food restaurants, shop for cassettes and look out for the latest trends, just like their brothers and sisters in the more developed world.

Decades of closed markets, tight budgets, unsophisticated media and stagnant purchasing power kept youth marketing in much of Latin America, Asia and Africa in its infancy, far from the sophisticated efforts of Europe and North America. But now it’s taking off. teenagers," says Cristina Martinez, Latin American regional account director for Eastman Kodak at J. Walter Thompson Co., Miami.

Marketers also are beginning to recognize that they are playing a bigger role in the decision making in overall household buying habits. Consumer giant Philips, for example, supplements its regular ad program throughout Latin America with interactive demonstration booths in shopping malls and department stores to promote a corporate image of ultra modernity that attracts young people.

Research in other countries backs up that approach. "Youth have become influences and great decision makers about what music systems should come into their homes," says Ram Sehgal, president, Contract Advertising, Bombay, which handles Philips in India.

And more than just for music systems. Kodak realized that Latin American demographics made it vital to start speaking to teens now. With more than 50% of Latin America’s population under 25, Kodak is building an image of its film among teens even if they don’t have cameras.

With the launch of MTV Latino a year ago, Kodak found a way to reach large numbers of upper class teen agers throughout the region perhaps as many as 9 million with a single ad buy. Focus groups conducted in Mexico City for Kodak found that Latin American teens had familiar concerns ecology, safe sex, their futures. That meant Kodak had to develop a special campaign for teen agers, since it has concentrated on the idea of preserving memories for adults in its Latin advertising.

"Teen agers have a feeling of immortality," says Ms. Martinez. "For them, photography is sharing with friends."

The seven spot campaign, developed by JWT Mexico and started in May, highlights teen concerns, such as the rain forest or the first date, with rapid editing and a musical theme performed by members of the band Bon Jovi.

Although she would not disclose how much Kodak is spending on
replica ray bans media, the amount of money invested in producing the spots, $500,000, is an indication of how serious Kodak is about youth.

The slogan "The way you like it, with Kodak" emphasizes the way in which teens like to assert their hold over
discount ray bans something, separate from that of their parents.

Kodak is not alone. Kellogg’s, which has always targeted children or their mothers, is exploring the possibilities of the youth market, says Ms. Martinez.

Warner Lambert’s Latin Chiclets ad last year dressed up an old product with a TV campaign that was humorous, surreal and modern to appeal to 18 to 24 year olds. Developed by JWT’s New York office with contributions from 10 Latin American offices, the spot shows a desert shack occupied only by a young man and his monkey. Rattling a Chiclets box, the young man summons an international horde from geishas to English schoolboys along with camels and an elephant
fake ray bans as part of a multiracial cast of 300.

They vanish as quickly as they appear, until the monkey gives the Chiclets box a shake. "Chiclets makes cool things happen," notes the tagline.

Mexico’s largest bank, Banamex, is also getting into the act and has just introduced a special account for young people aged 15 to 18, with a minimum deposit of only $75, rather than the more typical $600.

"You have the control" is the bank’s slogan for the account promoted in newspaper ads, handled by Arredondo de Haro, Mexico City.

But multinational marketers are also learning that teen agers still reflect very local tastes and preserve some tradition.

"If you take a typical Indian teen ager in Bombay, Delhi or Calcutta, you would find that tangibly he has moved toward the West," says Jagdeep Kapoor, director of Parle Agro, a Bombay based marketer of Frooty, a boxed fruit drink, and Bailley’s mineral water.

"He’d be wearing a Lacoste shirt, Wrangler jeans, Nike shoes and maybe a pair of Ray Ban glasses." But, he adds, he is very much an Indian in his values: He respects his parents, lives together in a family and removes his Nike shoes and Ray Bans before entering a place of religion.

In Brazil, local brands and images vie for attention with multinational names.

One study of S o Paulo teenagers, conducted last year by market research company Senso Agencia de Estudos de Comportamento, found that Brazilian personalities from politicians to blond supermodel/TV star Xuxa topped the list of people they admired most, indicating their loyalty to their own culture. Brazilian teen agers mix musical styles easily, enjoying U2 along with Brazilian stars Milton Nascimento and Caetano Veloso. They are as likely to drink guarana, a local fruity soft drink, as Gatorade or Coca Cola.

In Malaysia, radio stations play Western, Chinese and Malay songs interchangeably.

In Egypt, McDonald’s started advertising during soccer
discount ray bans games this month a week before opening its first restaurants Oct. 20 although its message, created by AMA Leo Burnett, Cairo, is more family oriented than aimed specifically at youth.

Soft drink marketers have found rock concerts to be an effective forum to reach the young. A big name such as Elton John, whose last concert was sponsored by Diet Coke, or Paul McCartney packs stadiums every few months in Mexico, where concerts were prohibited until four years ago. When Michael Jackson cut short his last international Pepsi Cola sponsored tour, the last stop was Mexico, where concerts sold out.

These events are tailor made as a way to convey the spirit of these brands, said Flavio de Andrade, Souza Cruz marketing director, especially since advertising is prohibited from targeting people under 21. The company spends $8 million annually for these kinds of events, including a variety of music, film and dance festivals.

In Malaysia, clothing retailer Salem Power Station has sponsored concerts given by international stars ranging from Sting to Julio Iglesias.Articles Connexes: