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It had been my naive assumption that when Congress passes a law

Even today with all that modern technology, sometimes we can observe certain animals that were thought to have gone extinct in a certain area. My impression is that they were sent out from Castle Black and headed west and North.Now, put yourself in Gared shoes after Will and Royce have been killed by The Others. Are you going to take a diagonal route back to the wall and head back to Castle Black/The Shadow Tower before heading past the wall and defecting from TNW? No, you are going to head as close to directly south as possible from the spot where Royce/WIll were killed.

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A single bacterium, in the right conditions, can divide every

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As the British are fighting over the Suez Canal

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Furthermore, everything Kendrick says has some kind of weight behind it, which makes it even HARDER to listen to. It incredibly dense, like, Lupe in his prime and then some dense, and it so indicting of the appropriation of black culture that it can be difficult to hear. It like listening to Swimming Pools off of GKMC as a single before listening to the album.

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“While all the important leaders were present at Marina beach

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