remember to wave to the little people

Simple Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Catwoman is one of the sassiest and sexiest villains of the comic book world and a blessedly easy costume for you to master by yourself at home. If you are gifted with a sewing machine, consider making a sleek, black bodysuit that hugs your curves. If sewing is not your thing, sticking with tight black pants or leggings and a tight tucked in black leotard tucked definitely suffices. Don a cat eyed mask to conceal your identity, cat ears and black heels to complete your look. Carry a whip so the Batmans of the evening know not to mess with you.

When other women are going the sexy or scary route on Halloween, try something different by going for simple and sweet. After all, what girl does not like being treated like royalty? Pick out the frilliest and glitteriest dress in your closet, and accessorize with the biggest jewels you can find. Layer on glitzy, rosy pink makeup for a sugary sweet look, and top it all off with a tiara. Don a faux fur caplet and a scepter for a truly royal touch. When you are out and about, remember to wave to the little people!

Homemade halloween costumes:Butterfly1. Wings cut two wings out of cardboard. Paint them pink, purple, yellow, green, whatever you want. Then add some sparkles to them again whatever you want.2. Body use a leotard black or colored. Put tights on same color as your body. For shoes buy some cheap sneakers and let them decorate them.3. Face buy some cheap face paint and put one color as the base then add lines and swirls in different colors.4. Trick or Treat!Vampire1. Cape use a sheet and spray paint it black then cut it to fit your “vampire”. Cut some black ribbon to fit the throat then glue it in place.2. Outfit use an old white shirt and tuck into a pair of black pants put a black vest on put a red tie on and glue a gold chain leading from pants to vest pocket.3. Face this one’s easy paint the face white and put two trickles of “blood” from each corner of the mouth. If you want you can use some vampire fangs.4. Body use a sheet and cut out eye holes.2. Trick or Treat.

get a pair of black pants, a collared black shirt and a piece of white fabric. also, a accessory option would be to make a cross for around your neck. The cross can be made out of cardboard, you can just paint it or color it with marker (marker is not a good option if it rains) put a string through it and hang around your neck.1. get dressed2. tie, sew, or pin the white fabric under the collar of the black shirt3. put cross around your neck (optional) 4.

Make a beige shirt and pants or wear some you already have. Streak red paint on your face. Or black is good too. Wear a cloth headband across forehead with 2 feathers glued on. Buy if you don’t have any bow and arrows. Using a rope as a belt attach a bottle and put the arrows in as a quiver. To have one on your back. Buy one or use a long piece of paper and roll it up if the arrows are too heavy. If don’t have any bow and arrows tie fake knife to belt. Use gel to streak hair back. If you are a girl then let hair out and straighten. If allowed go barefoot if not wear soft moccasins or sandels.Articles Connexes:

In chapter four

In chapter one, Jim Gallien finds Chris on the side of the road and picks him up. Chris wants to go to edge of the Denali National Park, and Gallien was on his way to Anchorage which is 240 miles outside of Denali. Gallien, after inspecting Chris in the car, thought that it was odd that he only had a 25 30 pound bag for wanting to stay in the woods for several months. Gallien originally thought that Chris was going to be a nutcase but during the drive the more Chris talked the more that initial thought was proved wrong. Gallien was concerned that Chris’ load was so light he only had a ten pound bag of rice, a .22 caliber rifle, too small for the game in Alaska, and only an old road map. Gallien gave him worn rubber work boots and some food. Gallien was the last human encounter that Chris had before he died.

In chapter two, on September 6, 1992, Ken Thompson, Gordon Samel, and Ferdie Swanson set out for the Magic Bus so they could stalk moose. It was not an easy place to get to. These three men liked to take motor vehicles were they aren’t neccassarily supposed to be driven. They went across a river that was seventy five feet wide and really swift. It was definetly a feat. When they got to the bus they found an SOS note and with that note they found Chris McCandless’ body. He had been dead for two and a half weeks.

Chapter three takes place in Carthage, South Dakota a small, quaint town. Living in this town is a man named Wayne Westerberg. Westerberg owns a grain elevator in Carthage. During the fall of 1990 is when he met Chris or as he knew him Alex. Wayne found him hitchhiking and gave him a ride. Wayne invited Chris to stay in Sunburst to spent the night in a trailer. After three days of staying in the trailer they went their seperate ways. A couple weeks later Chris showed up again. Chris loved in Carthage. Unfortunately, Westerberg had been drawn into a scheme to build and sell these boxes that illegally unscramble satellite TV, allowing people to watch free cable. The FBI caught wind of this and arrested Westerberg. Westerberg served a four month sentence in Sioux Falls. Chris stayed in touch with Westerberg; calling or writing every month or so. Chris had been raised in an upper middle class town named Annandale, Virginia. Chris graduated from Emory University with a 3.72 GPA. He also a very nice car a 1982 Datsun B210.

In chapter four, some rangers found an old yellow Datsun without its plates. Over the next three years the Park Service used the Datsun to make undercover drug busts. This car used to belong to Chris McCandless. After leaving Atlanta he arrived at Lake Mead National Recreation Area on July 6. Unfortunately for Chris he was camped out on the edge of the Deterial Wash, but a flood came in. After the flood passed Chris attempted to start the Datsun, ended up killing the battery because the engine wouldn’t catch. Chris then had to walk. At the end of July he accepted a ride from a man who called himself Crazy Ernie, he offered Chris a job on a ranch in Northern California. After eleven days when it was evident that Ernie wasn’t going to pay him Chris stole a red 10 speed bike and pedaled into Chico, and ditched the bike. Arcata, California, Chris met Jan Burres and her boyfriend, Bob.Articles Connexes:

Fall colors in the North Georgia Mountains

Fall colors in the North Georgia Mountains

Fall is in full swing. Who doesn’t love the smell of a campfire and the crunch of leaves underfoot? To experience autumn in its full glory, families in Atlanta head to the hills the North Georgia Mountains, to “leaf peep” and attend down home festivals. To make the most of your day trip, here are some pointers on the best routes to take, a time frame for peak season in 2013, festivals and attractions, and some “leaf peeping” tips.

Each year, the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources posts “Leaf Watch” to keep visitors informed on the fall color season. Below is the most recent post

Even though it’s mid October, most trees (including maples and hickories) are still green, with some color here and there. Even sumac is still green. This summer’s rain is causing some leaves to drop early, especially yellow poplars. However, sourwoods and dogwoods are turning red and sweetgum are turning purple. We expect the best fall color to come in a few weeks since peak is usually around the end of October or early November. Highway 441 from the Baldwin and Cornelia area north to the state line with North Carolina

To further enjoy the wonders of the autumn season, there are numerous attractions, farms, mazes and pumpkin patches scattered throughout the North Georgia Mountains. Below are a few of the most popular.

Amicalola Falls State Park

Wildlife Rehab Sanctuary in Ellijay

Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega

Burt’s Pumpkin Farm and Hay Rides

Hillcrest Orchards Petting Farm, Bakery and Farm Store

For more family fall fun in the North Georgia Mountains, be sure to check out the popular Georgia Apple Festival in Ellijay this weekend. This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the festival that features over 300 vendors with handmade, handcrafted items, as well as many on site demonstrations. on Saturday, Oct. on Sunday, Oct. 20.

Before heading out to enjoy the wonders of fall in the North Georgia Mountains, be sure to pack:

A sweater or jacket

A hat

Good walking shoesSnacks or a picnic lunch

Camera, camcorder and binoculars

Again, peak leaf viewing in the North Georgia Mountains is right around the corner, so make plans now for a fall family adventure. Brasstown Bald is Georgia’s highest viewing point, located at 4,784 feet above sea level. It’s also home to some of the best hiking trails in North Georgia. With spectacular, sweeping views, it’s the perfect destination to view the fall colors at their peak.Articles Connexes:

But fear not

savvy Midwest cities breaking no

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) No snow boots needed in Milwaukee. Chicago commuters aren’t dodging knee deep snow drifts frozen along city sidewalks. And children in Des Moines are settling for ice shavings dumped from a Zamboni.

Many cities in the Midwest haven’t seen any decent snow this season and some are even setting records for the number of days without it, in part because last winter was so mild and any precipitation that does fall gets soaked into the drought parched land.

On Thursday, Des Moines matched a record set in 1889 when it hit its 277th consecutive day without measurable snowfall, according to the National Weather Service. Iowa’s capital city is expecting clear skies Friday.

That may not sit well with local youngsters, according to ice skating rink manager Dave Roquet. He said that after he emptied the accumulated ice from his Zamboni recently in downtown Des Moines, a group of children ran straight for the man made snow.

“The kids just went crazy for it,” he laughed. “They saw it, and I think they hadn’t seen snow in so long. They just started throwing snowballs at each other.”

In Nebraska, Omaha recorded its 285th consecutive snowless day Wednesday breaking its previous record set in 2006 and Lincoln extended its record on Thursday to 297 days without measureable snow. Lincoln’s former record was 295 snow free days in 2004.

Chicago and Milwaukee are just days away from breaking their records. Other areas also are either setting or close to records, while some cities are far off their usual snowfall totals.

But fear not, white Christmas dreamers: Snow is coming, at least for some people. Forecasters are calling for snow in parts of Nebraska and Iowa starting Saturday night and into Sunday, and possibly in Chicago the next day.

Florida native Patricia Dryden admits she doesn’t mind the whiteless weather at her home in suburban Des Moines.

“Two years ago there was a snowstorm,” she said. “Now it’s around 60 degrees. Selfishly, I’m happy.”

National Weather Service program manager Jim Keeney said the country’s drought conditions this year are to blame for snow not sticking to the ground.

“At this point it doesn’t matter what falls from the sky, snow or rain,” he said. “To get precipitation would be beneficial for a chunk of the country.”

He also noted some cities that have seen snow are well below their averages this time of year.

Minneapolis usually has about 11 inches of snow on the ground by early December but the measurement stands at less than an inch right now. Green Bay, Wis., is more than four inches off its normal snowfall.

Data shows Chicago will be just two days away Friday from breaking its 1994 record of 280 days without measurable snow. Milwaukee also will be two days away from breaking its 1999 record of 279 consecutive days without measurable snow, though there is a slight chance for snow Friday night.Articles Connexes:

We have a special bond with them and my daughter’s NICU nurse

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