Like him, Dhumal was projected as the CM face in the recent

The shadow of former Congressman Himanta Biswa Sarma who has since become the BJP’s ace strategist in the north east loomed large over Sonowal. But Prime Minister Narendra D Modi and BJP President Amit A Shah went out of their way to ensure that Sarma did not become a threat to Sonowal.In the BJP, Yeddyurappa is being compared with Prem Kumar Dhumal.Like him, Dhumal was projected as the CM face in the recent Himachal Pradesh election, but he embarrassingly lost his own seat, and thereby the race, to a younger person, Jai Ram Thakur.Dhumal was just two years short of 75, the cap that Modi and Shah have set for those aspiring to hold an office in the party or government.Yeddyurappa is a little over 75, but his caste antecedent as the leader of the powerful intermediate caste of Lingayats recommended him for the CM’s position.He and his political associate of long years, Shobha Karanladje, a Lok Sabha MP from Udupi Chikmagalur at present, have been accused of working ‘unilaterally’ by allegedly drawing up the candidates’ lists for the election without consulting Delhi or their Karnataka colleagues.On a recent visit to the state, Shah chided the Yeddyurappa Shobha duo for going public with the names of some candidates.Then a BJP general secretary, Modi was appointed an MP minder before the assembly elections were held in MP that year, with a specific brief that he would have to reconcile the inner party feuds triggered by the regional colossuses of that period who were Sunderlal Patwa, V K Saklecha, Lakhiram Aggarwal, Kailash Joshi, Vikram Verma and Lakshminarayan Pandey names that may not ring a bell because most of them are dead.Modi threw up his hands mid way because some of these biggies campaigned and worked autonomously, even raising their resources from dubious godmen.The BJP lost the election and Congress leader Digvijaya Singh won a second term.In Bengaluru, Shah has more than two thin skinned leaders to cope with. The formidable line up includes Yeddyurappa’s old rival, K S Eshwarappa, Jagadish Shettar, D V Sadananda Gowda and Ananth Kumar.Barring Kumar, the other three have held truncated terms as chief ministers, a fact that endows them with a certain entitlement as worthy claimants to Karnataka’s top job.These veterans have competition from younger persons like Anant Kumar Hegde, a junior minister of skill development and entrepreneurship at the Centre, Dharwad MP Pralhad Joshi and Mysore MP Prathap Simha.Hegde, Joshi and Simha appropriate media my response space with their intemperate statements and reckless conduct as their seniors keep snapping at each other’s heels.Shah cracked the whip on December 31, 2017.As Bengaluru partied hard, the BJP chief summoned 88 of his party people, including the MPs, MLAs and legislative council members, and asked to share the reports they were tasked to prepare on their allotted assembly seats.He forbade them from holding political meetings at hotels and resorts, perfectly kosher in Karnataka, and emphasised that only BJP offices must be used.Shah told the state leaders that indiscretions and misdemeanours on their part would not be countenanced and if there was negative feedback, the ‘wrong doer’ would be marginalised.However, Shah’s tough talk did not stem the long drawn antagonism between Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa that nettled the central leaders, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Karnataka party cadre.To try and balance the two men’s conflicting claims, Shah took ‘disciplinary’ action against two each of their supporters.

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Under leaden skies and with drizzle in the air

Toronto’s weather gods weren’t quite so kind the following day. Under leaden skies and with drizzle in the air, we headed inland on the Lower Don Trail. Whereas much of the cycling in Toronto is on routes shared with cars, the Lower Don Trail is blissfully free of vehicle traffic.

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Extra marks to Akshay Replica Hermes Birkin Kumar Replica

dunne pleased with united’s young defenders

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But the police officers who opened fire buy canada goose

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Dallas Parks Department

The MetroPCS Dallas Marathon released new security measures that will be taken for the December 8 race. I waiting to hear if anything in particular (other than the obvious theBoston Marathon bombings) led to this, but I guessing it just preemptive. The MetroPCS Dallas Marathon will issue these bags during packet pickup at the Health and Fitness Expo. No backpacks, luggage or any other belongings will be accepted at gear check. Dallas Police Department will provide additional security staff at the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon start and finish lines. Only properly credentialed individuals will have access to the start and finish areas. MetroPCS Dallas Marathon recommends that participants do not use hydration packs during the December 8 race. Should participants choose to wear a hydration pack, he or she may be subject to additional security screening. safety of Dallas Marathon participants and spectators is always our top priority,”said Patrick Byerly, marathon president. “We have worked closely to review our event procedures with the Dallas Police Department, Dallas Parks Department, DART, Dallas City Hall and a number of additional partners to ensure that we execute a safe and successful event in December.”

So there you have Your thoughts?

One more thing: If you wondering whether the increased security will limit where you can go to cheer on your favorite runner (or complete strangers), the Dickey West Dallas Loop nominatesArticles Connexes: