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We prefer this not just be novelty gadgets from current catalogs or fetish gear this is more about crazy old school inventions or beliefs, practices, etc. If your source contains NSFW images please be sure and note it when you link to it. The best entry gets $200.

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Listen to what Bernie said. Trump businesses are successful only with a strong middle class, he said it himself. Keeping jobs local, taxing outsourcing companies http://www.ukcheapwigs.com/, removing illegal workers and cutting TPP are the backbone of his campaign. The ‘man of letters’ was clean shaven; the beard was seen as hiding the face, whereas shaving it left it clean and smooth and, therefore, more aesthetically pleasing. Having an ‘open countenance’ was also a metaphor for an open mind the keystone of the enlightened thinker.wasn popular, except for lower classes and ethnic minoritieskeep in mind, the lower classes didn actively cultivate facial hair, unless they were Continental European soldiers with mustaches, which were occasionally grown by soldiers from the Holy Roman Empire, France, and Eastern Europe: beards were used in art to show just how poor or slovenly someone was: they had so little money or sense of self worth that they allowed themselves to grow a beard, or they were crazy. As to the pictures portraying ethnic minorities, keep in mind that those are meant to be satire.

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